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del bianco arancio KENNEL

Welcome to the website of Del Bianco Arancio, a professional kennel  recognized by ENCI-FCI, in which we raise English Setters and West Highland White Terriers.

Our kennel is a genuine labour of love for our four-footed friends in which all the family is involved. It is a passion that sprouted in us several years back and we have religiously been following this passion ever since.

Originally opened as an English Setter kennel, over the years we’ve broadened our horizons to include the West Highland White Terrier into our farm. As a result, we have two completely different breeds that have now discovered the joy of living together.

Thanks to this passion, we’ve drummed up interest in breeding. Seeing most of our dogs step onto the podium – along with spending quality time with them every single day – always gives us great satisfaction.

We do not wish to dwell on our breeds and our four-footed friends on this page, as you will be able to find several information on our champion dogs – and whatnot! – throughout this website.

So, we would like to extend to you all a warm welcome…